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Our Third Party Logistics & Warehousing Services :

We offer a complete range of logistics and warehousing services and can tailor a solution that is perfect for your business whether your company is large or small... at an unbeatable price.

  • TLD gives you the flexibility to respond faster and more efficiently to new and changing markets. You pay only for the space and logistic services you use, effectively matching your market demands, increasing your efficiency and dramatically streamlining your processes.
  • TLD can reduce your freight costs by leveraging off the collective freight volumes of our all clients. Whether your business is big or small, save and enjoy reduced freight costs from our collective buying power.
  • TLD provides you with a wide array of functionality and services geared to fulfill all of your distribution needs is what we strive to provide at TL Distribution. You can choose from all or part of these services in line with your individual business needs. These services include;
Inwards pallets and cartons handling Container Unloading & Warehousing
Stock control and Storage Options Pick and pack order fulfillment
Road and Air Freight Services Australian & New Zealand wide distribution
Kitting and assembly Reverse logistics - returns processing
EDI Order Processing Bar Code processing
Labeling/ticketing Pooled Distribution
Recall Services Transportation Management
Database Management Cross Dock
Export Packing Short term - Long term Pallet Storage
Call Centre Management Credit Control and collections
Sales analysis and reporting  

TLD is EDI compliant and accredited to supply to the following Major Retailers